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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jonathan Is Watching Over Us

Here are two amazing stories to share.

Tino Silva, the Santa Clara Youth Soccer League President lost his mother-in-law to cancer last week, and he was down in San Diego attending her service on Sunday, the same day as Jonathan's Vigil Service. Tino met with Jonathan's parents last week and they asked him to speak at their son's service. Tino was concerned if he would be able to attend his mother-in-laws service in San Diego, then fly-up to San Jose to attend the service for Jonathan.

Last Sunday, Tino attended his mother-in-laws service where he was scheduled to speak, then immediately dashed to the San Diego Airport, ran onto a crowded Southwest Airline flight and asked the flight attendant for a seat in the front row because he needed to get off the plane in San Jose as soon as it touched down. The flight attendant asked him if he was with the FAA, and he chuckled - "yes sure."

Tino said the plane backed-out of the gate in San Diego and never stopped until they landed in San Jose. The Southwest flight just rolled-out of the airport gate and took-off into the air like he hit all the green lights on a crowded street. They did not taxi away from the gate, or have to cue-up in line to depart, they just back-up and flew to San Jose. His flight landed 5 minutes earlier than scheduled in San Jose, and he was picked-up by Sporting Coach Ralf Cebrian, who got him to the chapel for the Vigil. Of course, the small chapel was spilling-out with soccer players and families that came-out to pay their tribute to "Pretty Boy."

Here is another story that Tino told us at the Sunday Vigil.

A friend of Amalia (Jonathan's Mom) had a dream (two weekends ago the same time as the accident). Her friend had a dream that she saw Jonathan playing soccer on a big field, running around, doing all his soccer tricks, laughing and smiling with joy. Then he stopped and told the women..."tell my Mom that everything is fine and I am OK." The women didn't understand this dream but called Amalia the next morning to explain her strange experience in great detail. That is when Amalia said to her friend, Jonathan died yesterday in a car accident after playing soccer and scoring a goal for his team.

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