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Jonathan's father is the sole provider to his family and they cannot afford health insurance, so any support you can provide is very much appreciated.

Financial Support & Donations can be made electronically via a special PayPal Account set-up for the Chavez Family, or checks can be sent in the name of "Jonathan Manzo Chavez Memorial Trust" (Acct # 376000010) to the
United Labor Bank at 2550 N. First Street, Suite 102, San Jose, CA 95131, and can also be mailed to the Santa Clara Sporting office at 282 Brokaw Road, Santa Clara Ca 95050.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Our heartfelt sympathies to the Chavez family

Although we did not personally know this little boy, the impact of his death has left me and my family devastated with sadness.  This is the kind of news that shook me to the core as it hit so close to home, literally, as I learned that the accident happened in my hometown of Livermore, and because I have two boys that I have shuttled back and forth to the same soccer tournaments for over 10 years.  Too often, safe travel to these tournaments and anywhere is taken for granted.  The loss of this wonderful child will serve as a reminder to me to never be too casual about the value of life, especially that of my children. My family and I will be praying for the Chavez family during this unthinkable period of grief for relief in knowing that Jonathan will be this soccer community’s newest angel who will watch over all soccer families and pray for their safety.  Our hearts are with you!


The Bernardi Family,

Anna, Giulio, Chris and Michael

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