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Jonathan's father is the sole provider to his family and they cannot afford health insurance, so any support you can provide is very much appreciated.

Financial Support & Donations can be made electronically via a special PayPal Account set-up for the Chavez Family, or checks can be sent in the name of "Jonathan Manzo Chavez Memorial Trust" (Acct # 376000010) to the
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

To The Family Of Jonathan Manzo Chavez,

To The Family Of Jonathan Manzo Chavez,

We were deeply saddened when we received word of what happened to your son. I recall seeing him on certain occasions like at the Chucho Ramirez Camp, running around having fun with some of our kids. It opened my eyes and made me think about my own family. I had a dream and in my dream I saw one of my lil nephews pass away. It crushed me and as soon as I woke up I wanted to make sure my family was ok. I also happened to write a new song. I recorded it as soon as I finished writing. The Song is basically my way of telling how I felt about what happened to Jonathan and how it closely related to my life. My nephews are all about soccer. My sister and my brother-in-law have teams in Alviso (winchester Soccer League), and if any of the kids on those teams would go through the same, it would crush us all. I'll include the song so you can hear it and I hope you know the whole soccer community has you in our prayers. Stay Strong. 

Also, this weekend the Winchester Soccer League has decided to cancel all our league games and in an effort to raise money for Jonathan's Family their teams will be having scrimmage games at all the league fields.  For information you can visit the leagues website

Once again, our Thoughts and prayers are with the Manzo Chavez Family.

From Our Soccer Family To Yours,
Dreamer aka Rapstarr
Patricia And Dimas Duran and the Atletico Teams(U6,U8,U10,U13)

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