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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We Knew Him as Pretty Boy!

Jonathon Manzo Chavez was his name , but some of us knew him as "Pretty Boy!"

What an exhausting and emotional day. Got to hospital around 11:00 and left at 8pm today. Visited the sister Zaida, she is doing well - but they still have not told her about Jonathon as of 7pm today (11/16). Apparently, they are just telling her that he is injured and its not looking well.

A huge showing of family, friends, teammates and coaches! Our U10 boys all hung out at one table and bonded over this tragedy. One minute they would be crying and telling stories, and then the next minute laughing together, cause they are only 9 and 10 yrs old. So sad to see them go through this at such a young age.

The Mother is still hysterical and just getting by. Many hugs and prayers went to her and their family today. The Dad is doing the best he can, but walks around in a daze. It was wonderful to see everyone together and be there for the Manzo Family :) Their older son JR. is doing OK too. He was in the front seat and the air bag saved him and he is just bruised up on his lower abdomen. The sister Zaida, does not have internal bleeding like they thought, just internal organs are swollen from the seat belt strain.

They took the Hwy 84 cut off , because the mom told Jonathon he could get new cleats if he scored a goal and well he scored a goal in the 2nd game and that's where they were headed :)

Jonathon was awake after the initial accident and told his mom and sister he couldn't see. When the ambulance came to get him out of the car, they had to cut the seat belt away to pull him out and Jonathon told them not to cut his soccer shorts cause he had a game tomorrow and he begged mom to take his jersey off so that would not get cut. He went in just a tank top to the hospital.

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SC Sporting Team Manager


Anonymous said...

As the mother of a AVYSL player have not been able to stop crying. I heard the news this afternoon. From my mother first, as our one of home services provider told her about it, because his son is in the same team. Shortly after, the AVYSL issue an statement about this tragedy.
I can not believe it, I am so sorry, what a huge pain. I send my love to all of you, and to Jonathan's Mommy, and Daddy. Please stay together, and do not let this tragedy separate you, because it will be very very hard.
Jonathan is waiting for all of you and you will be together again.
Love...much love

Anonymous said...

i couldnt stop thinking of how much the family must be going threw today as i woke heart goes out to strong..your pretty boy will always be in our hearts..